“You are what your record says you are” – Bill Parcells is quoted in “The Outsiders” a book about Eight Unconventional CEOs…

…..“The Outsiders”:  Eight Unconventional CEOs and Their Radically Rational Blueprint for Success” by William Thorndike.  I don’t agree entirely with this rear view mirror perspective. There is an obsession with it in recruitment. Potential is as important as history.  Maslow saw value in this. But the book is very interesting on the common traits and methods that made these CEOs successful.

Ciaran Fenton

(pron: kee-ron)

How to transform the annual performance appraisal “fudge and chore”

Post crash, the nature of the relationship between individuals and organisations has changed significantly but many processes have not. The Annual Performance Appraisal system, experienced by many as a “fudge and a chore”, is a prime example. This One Day Programme is designed to address the issue head-on using a simple on-going relationship management approach rather than relying on the dreaded “Appraisal” milestone and or millstone. http://www.fentonllp.com/resources/ODPPR.php

At the £150k+ p.a. level, and given the head-hunter “lottery” and the current environment, how best to secure the right role?

For the last ten years I have managed the global job search campaigns of hundreds of senior directors and professionals who sign for my managed Programmes. However, some decide not to sign because they either don’t wish to pay fees for a managed campaign or they simply prefer to exhaust their own connections and processes first. Nevertheless, they still experience the head-hunter process as a “lottery” and since they rarely have to submit themselves to this process they are unsurprisingly unaware of some of the pitfalls and often out of practice in marketing themselves and especially in winning at interview.

In response to their needs for a process which maximises the chance of success and reduces the risk of failure (and depleted capital) I have designed this One Day Programme which gives them the opportunity of applying the “micro-business” model and my learning over ten years without the costs of a full managed Programme. http://www.fentonllp.com/resources/ODPSR.php