I’m now acting as a Headkeeper – as opposed to a headhunter

Last week I was contacted by the COO of a global brand. He said he is looking for a CFO and offered me a fee if I found him the right one, as he is struggling with the search. I said that I’m not a headhunter but I focus on the Leadership and Relationship Management needs of directors and professionals and that I don’t accept placement fees but if he would agree to consider signing up his new CFO to my First 100 Days Programme I would be happy to help. He agreed.

So, please contact me if you know of a senior CFO with international and ideally public service experience – and do contact me also if you are looking to fill a new senior role and want to try a different approach as I am now also acting as an “Headkeeper”, a new use of the word.

Ciaran Fenton

“Mindfulness…improves the way you interact with clients and those you manage” says Christine Adshead from PWC in today’s FT

The quote is from an article by Rhymer Rigby headed “A few minutes to refocus: A number of companies are using mindfulness techniques to improve productivity and focus” see FT.com

Apparently the process has a “solid neuro-scientific basis” according to the article.

The best book I have read on this topic is The Power of Now by Eckhardt Tolle see Amazon

Ciaran Fenton

My change of focus

Last year I decided to refocus my business onto the Leadership Performance & Relationship Management needs of senior executives and professionals using the career management and “micro-business” models I have developed over the last ten years. I continue to help with their so-called “transition needs” but I am restricting this to a very tight 100 Day Advisory Programme with an emphasis on helping them secure a new role/portfolio quickly and then to support them in their First 100 Days. Having worked with several hundred senior executives and professionals and having previously run businesses for large organisations I feel that I now have a body of knowledge, experiences, models, processes and a “toolkit” which organisations and individuals within organisations can usefully exploit. In addition, I now speak at conferences, facilitate workshops and team sessions as well as writing online, and off. This means that, using models and tools I have developed, I am helping senior leaders and their teams improve their performance by helping them improve their relationships within the context of their own career strategy which I help them refine and the strategy of their business which I work to understand.They list and rank their 20-30 key relationships including a vision of success and failure for each relationship after (say) 100 working days. These are tracked using a Red, Amber, Green (RAG) dashboard. Invariably a number of “amber” and “red” relationships emerge. Having spent time working through the personal and organisational issues, I help them to address these critical relationships using various tools. I call this process the Relationship Grid and it forms part of The Fenton Model™. For example I am currently working with HSBC, Capita and WPP, amongst others,Image using these tools. I have Case Study evidence which demonstrates rather than asserts the link between improved relationship management and a significant improvement in personal and team performance.I would be grateful if I could come and present to you and/or your colleagues or anyone you know who might be interested in my Programmes. Please can you let me know if this is of interest and I can send you more information.

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