Panetta says Mr. Obama lacks the passion of a leader…’

….according to Edward Luce in today’s FT in a review of former Pentagon and CIA chief Leon Panetta’s new book Worthy Fights. This is interesting because passionate leadership demands an ability to connect with one’s feelings as well as an ability to express them. My experience is that business leaders often struggle with the latter. The trick is to take a risk and spit it out. What’s the worst that can happen?


The Riot Club is worth seeing but don’t go for leadership insights…

…because, although lacking in subtlety with each character somewhat a cardboard cut out, I found the overall impact to be gripping, chilling and depressing because some of the characters reminded me of leaders I have met or observed over the years on significant power trips but nowhere packing a moral compass. The best line was given to the gastropub owner confronted by the carnage in the dining room and by the taunts of the lead brat braying at him that, deep down, he envied their wealth. The owner replies: “You’re just spoiled kids!” and this hits a nerve. He gets my vote for nailing the truth.

The Riot Club