The New Board Game – Blog 3: Is your board disconnected?

The New Board Game

How to adapt, behave and relate in the post-pandemic boardroom

Blog 3: Is your board disconnected?

⁃ A bullying CEO/Chair rules the roost

– a brutal CXO enforcer/attack dog/lap dog

⁃ Minutes decided before meetings

⁃ No calling out of unacceptable behaviour

⁃ No challenge on dodgy decisions

⁃ Decisions stitched up without debate

⁃ Lawyers ignored

⁃ Shaming and humiliation – the norm

⁃ Exclusive focus on the bottom line/the numbers/quarterly statement

⁃ People viewed as human resources, capital assets, “ours”

⁃ Shareholder returns, investor “exits”, LTIPs driving behaviour

⁃ Barely concealed misogyny

⁃ Open racism: D&I a chore

⁃ Families irrelevant

⁃ Stress, fatigue, burn-out: a badge of honour

⁃ Fear & anxiety constant companions

⁃ Sleepless nights before and (worse) after board meetings

⁃ Sleights, real and imagined, dominate

⁃ Personality feuds fed

⁃ Schadenfreude ever present

⁃ Emails and texts micro-examined

⁃ wtf did he mean by that ellipsis…?

⁃ And it’s all multiplied 100x on Zoom

⁃ The pandemic has hit our P&L, badly

⁃ Saved only by furlough – phew, but of course, there’s the rub.

⁃ The seeds of societal disruption visiting a boardroom near you…

Ciarán Fenton