small change: your purpose, strategy & behaviour (PSB)


small change 


Ciarán Fenton

How small changes in your behaviour will have a big impact on how you work, lead or follow

That’s the working title of a book I’m writing, initially as a series of short blogs.

Blog 1 small change: seven principles

Blog 2 small change: your career is a unique business

Blog 3 small change: your soft balance sheet

Blog 4 small change: your D Liability

Blog 5 small change: your timeline

Blog 6 small change: your formative years

Blog 7 small change: your A asset

Blog 8 small change: your career equity

Blog 9 small change: your curriculum vitae

Blog 10 small change: your emotional intelligence

Blog 11 small change: your reputation

Blog 12 small change: you, three from now

Blog 13 small change: your purpose, strategy & behaviour (PSB)


Seven principles

Principle 1

Your career is

  • a unique business,
  • one over seven billion in its uniqueness


Blog 13  small change: your purpose, strategy & behaviour (PSB)


Purpose (P)

Your purpose, in career terms, is about why you do what you do.

For you, is your purpose

  • To make money?
  • To make “a difference”?
  • To be the best at what you do?

All three?

Or something else?

Or are you unclear, drifting or just getting by?

The process of finding a purpose is a purpose, provided there’s a reasonable time limit on your reflections, so if you are searching for answers then you have a purpose.


Strategy (S)

Your strategy is about how, in broad terms, you will achieve your purpose.

“Strategy” is one of the most abused words in the dictionary. Some people think it’s a plan. Others think it’s behaviour. It’s neither.

A strategy describes how you will achieve an objective.

That’s it on strategy.


Behaviour (B)

I use the word behaviour to embrace all plans and approaches to implementing a strategy to achieve a purpose.

Three simple words.

Together they are powerful.

What’s your PSB?


Ciarán Fenton








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