small change: your timeline


small change 


Ciarán Fenton

How small changes in your behaviour will have a big impact on how you work, lead or follow

That’s the working title of a book I’m writing, initially as a series of short blogs.

Blog 1 small change: seven principles

Blog 2 small change: your career is a unique business

Blog 3 small change: your soft balance sheet

Blog 4 small change: your D Liability

Blog 5 small change: your timeline



Seven principles

Principle 1

Your career is

  • a unique business,
  • one over seven billion in its uniqueness


Blog 5 small change: your timeline

Once we have identified our D Liability we can explore why we behave the way we do which, according to academic research, is usually rooted in our formative years.

I use a simple timeline and set of questions to explore these issues:your timeline

  • What was your date of birth?
  • At what age did you start to act independently of parents/guardians?
  • What behavioural decisions did you make in your formative years, if any?
  • To what extent do you feel you have made new behavioural decisions in adulthood?
  • How might you like to reframe your life over the next three years, if at all?
  • To what extent do you feel your current behaviour will determine the rest of your life?
  • Are you familiar with Transactional Analysis – the concept of Parent/Adult/Child (PAC) behaviour?



Ciarán Fenton

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