small change: your soft balance sheet


small change 


Ciarán Fenton

How small changes in your behaviour will have a big impact on how you work, lead or follow

That’s the working title of a book I’m writing, initially as a series of short blogs.

Blog 1 small change: seven principles

Blog 2 small change: your career is a unique business

Blog 3 small change: your soft balance sheet


Seven principles

Principle 1

Your career is

  • a unique business,
  • one over seven billion in its uniqueness

Your soft balance sheet

Since your career is a business – not like a business – it follows that you can apply the vast canon of knowledge available on the art and science of business to the business of your career.

That means every business book and blog on business applies to you.

The only difference in the leadership and management of the business of your career and the those listed on the world’s stock exchanges is complexity.

So, you have a hard balance sheet and profit and loss account just as they do, save that their’s have more zeros. By hard, I mean cash.

You share also a problem they must confront which is the challenge of managing soft assets and liabilities. By soft I mean intangible.

Over 17 years of consulting with scores of senior leaders and businesses I have developed a Soft Balance Sheet to address this personal problem.

It looks like this:



Ciarán Fenton

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