7 First 100 Days suggestions to Facebook’s new GC, and all new GCs…

1. Remind her board that she is an officer of the court and lawyer first and a business person second

2. Waive any long-term incentive or bonus scheme which might possibly be construed as compromising her independence, no matter how remotely

3. Tell the board that if they put her under any ethical pressure whatsoever she will publish the fact widely including on her Facebook page

4. Tell the board that her role and purpose, and that of her legal function, is to enable better decision-making and legal process which honours the environment, society, governance and profit, equally

5. Tell the board, not ask it, what legal counsel and process it needs to achieve its objectives and manage its SWOT; tell it how much all of that will cost and deliver only what is funded; no ”more for less” BS.

6. Help create a culture where ”calling out” unacceptable behaviour is the norm

7. Strive for a legacy which reads: ”She helped Facebook move fast and break things, but never the law” because people died in trenches so that democracies could survive through lawful behaviour and trade.


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