Piece by @M_Heffernan @FT today is worth reading because…

…it deals with the tricky issue of fixed behaviour in leaders and how this links to their formative years as eloquently articulated by Prof Carole Dweck author of Mindset and who talks to Margaret Heffernan about of her own mindset forming experiences in school.

The piece ends with the advice that “only by relinquishing one’s need to cling to the top spot can one truly lead or achieve”. I agree with this and add that the way to achieve this change of mindset is to acknowledge the shame generated  by the evens which created the fixed mindset.

“The danger of fixed mindset is not just a CEO issue. It can affect all employees, particularly those who work in strict hierarchies” she writes.

In my work helping CEOs and boards change their behaviour for better outcomes, and indeed in my work on my own development, I have found that when shame is diluted then more space is created to reframe one’s identity which is not entirely dependent on success, as framed by others.


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