I feel, as a migrant, uninspired by the leaders in the EU debate, on all sides…

…which is a shame because we need inspiring leadership now. I’m a migrant. I came here in the back of an Aer Lingus 737 in 1989 from a country that has seen its fair share of truly “marauding migrants” – that now famous phrase – over hundreds of years. And much of the current wealth in this country emanated from those times. I feel entitled to share in the legacy of Empire, subject to the law. But I appreciate the other point of view. They are not responsible for the sins of the past. And so I understand the sentiment that goes with the Brexit call to action, no matter how much I disagree with it. It must be a painful to feel that your identity is being undermined. But the time has come for us all to draw a line under the past. It’s time to be what we can be. But the problem is that there is a dearth of leadership on all sides of the debate. I would respect the Leave leadership more if they were inspiring. Equally, I despair that the Remain team, who should be way
ahead in the polls, and are not. Sir Andrew Large, former governor of The Bank of England, goes to the heart of the matter in today’s Telegraph: “What will we feel after the referendum – whatever the result? Where will be the inspiration?” Where, indeed. Time was that the ability to inspire was an essential requirement for any leadership role. Now it appears that the very nature of leadership itself is being reframed in a manner not fit for purpose. I have two children, the son and daughter of a migrant. I fear for their futures, whatever the outcome.


2 thoughts on “I feel, as a migrant, uninspired by the leaders in the EU debate, on all sides…

  1. Ciaran, you are right to call out the leadership issue on all sides but if we step back we have to ask why we have got ourselves into this mess?. A referendum should not be the process to decide something so complex – why not Parliament? – that’s what we have elected repsrenstatives for, is it not?. And my main hope, now, is that there is a high turnout. That the people of the UK stand up and be counted, one by one. Personally, I started off a strong Remain but I have listened to all the arguments and been particularly disappointed by the continuing arrogance of Brussels and Europe. So if you want leadership, my head is now telling me that a vote to Leave would be the only way to shake up the EU institutions and lead to a total review. Without it a Leave by the UK will lead to a significant fragmentation of the rest of the EU, if not its complete demise. The ‘great european project’ is ripe for re-engineering and it is not just the citizens of the UK who are saying that.. An Out from the UK whatever its consequences may in the long term be the best outcome. I can’t see the EU changing otherwise.

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