Not sure about his music, but we can learn loads from, old for his years, @jamesblake

James Blake is only 27, I read in Dorian Lynskey’s piece about him in today’s Guardian. I’m 55 and I’m only recently able to say to clients – btw a client tells me I should use the word “customer” but I can’t get used to it – that “As soon as I [you] let people help me and I stopped worrying about what would happen if I didn’t have 100% control, incredible things started happening…I can’t help feeling a little bit silly for waiting that long”. Leaders should listen to this young man. They might learn something. He talks about the power of feeling “validated”. An underrated need. “The only way I got there was to work on my fears…” Spot on James. If you ever give up singing you should become a leadership consultant. But I’m afraid I’m not wild about his new album: The Colour in Antythjng. Not my thing. Too much repetition. And noise. But I’m getting old. But he has a great voice. Hopefully someday he might sing a song I like. But I love what he says. Keep it up James. 


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