Feeling excited enroute to an Away Day with a new client…

…because each client is unique and, although I have done scores and scores of Away Days over 13 years, each Away Day is an unique experience for them and for me. The preparation is the same for all and has changed little over the years: I ask them to write an essay on their lives todate with as much detail on their career joys and sorrows that they can bear to share. This helps me to unpack quickly the influences on their character and career paths.  They range from two to fifty pages but are always moving. I also speak to five people who know them well at work. I try to speak to a life partner as they have a particular perspective. Once a client asked me to speak to their mother as well as their partner. That was a great conversation. I ask five questions: What are they very good at doing at work?  Separately, what do they enjoy? What is their outstanding behavioural weakness at work? What should they do with their careers to be fulfilled? How can I help them in small ways? These calls are very helpful to my process and people are invariably kind and generous even when they are giving tough feedback. Using all this information I spend almost a day with my new client. The morning is pretty intense as I bring them through my model – The Fenton Model – which I have developed to help leaders manage their leadership careers as small businesses. I give them tools and models and help them reframe their purpose, strategy and behaviour. There is pressure on me to deliver one major “ah-ha” moment in the day. So far I have achieved this. It’s about holding up a mirror to them in a manner which helps them achieve a deeper insight. After an intense morning we have a relaxed lunch and get to know each other. This is important as we spend many months together on my programme and the foundation for that relationship starts that day. So, this morning I have read the essay and digested my notes from the calls and now I’m ready. Feeling excited but with a necessary edge of nervous anticipation. This keeps me on my toes…

Details of my next workshop: HERE

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