Good to hear The Pope speak of business as a “noble vocation” and the need to…

…unleash “free enterprise” to serve the common good. This is a far cry from what I heard growing up in Ireland in the 60’s and in the UK since I “migrated” here in 1989. The Catholic Church in the UK has seemed obsessed with “bedroom issues”. Some of these I’m sure have needed attention and it has, to its credit, been proactive on encouraging improvement in behaviour post crash. But I’ve never had the impression that the Church feels that business is “good” and that it has the same energy for understanding day to day trade as it does for speaking out on sexual morality. Perhaps it does but doesn’t know how to communicate it. Whatever the reason, perhaps it will now listen to the “boss” and give all of those in business the encouragement they need to create the cash and jobs without which there will be no common good. Leading and running businesses ain’t easy. 


3 thoughts on “Good to hear The Pope speak of business as a “noble vocation” and the need to…

  1. It would be helpful to hear more from the Vatican about the purpose of business being a force for the common good. I suspect there may be a certain discomfort around praising a “noble vocation” which of its very nature may not be deeply understood by His Holiness and others in leadership roles in religion. After all the traditional view of God and Mammon has been, to say the least, couched in more oppositional terms!

  2. well said Ciaran, quite agree. The Church has been much too much tied up with all the minor sexual peccadilloes (if indeed many of them are even that), and it is EXCELLENT to see a rational business focused approach from Pope Francis.

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