Bully for General Sir Nick Carter for focusing on purpose, strategy and behaviours…

…in his defence this morning on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme of his stance on rooting out bullying in all ranks of the Army when challenged that this might lead to a “politically correct brigade”. He did this cleverly by not accepting the premise of the question and instead by focusing on the purpose of the Army, which he chillingly described as “killing the Queen’s enemies”. Whether you like this purpose or not, it is at least clear and explicit. He then referred constantly to his strategy which I took to be “operational edge”. Then and only then did he address the issue of bullying. His point was that bullying does not help implement a strategy of “operational edge” to achieve the purpose. There are significant differences between war and business, and sometimes none. There is a long tradition of our looking to soldiers for help in leadership. I have seen horrible examples of bullying in business over thirty years. It’s therefore refreshing and reassuring to hear a leader speak firmly on strategy, propose and appropriate behaviours.

Bully for him.


2 thoughts on “Bully for General Sir Nick Carter for focusing on purpose, strategy and behaviours…

  1. Here here – and well done Nick Carter. If you look back to medieval times, many of the early precepts of business were derived from the military (with a bit of educational nous provided by the church as well ! ). John of Gaunt was undoubtedly a fine soldier and statesman, he was also (according to some researchers – and how they get their figures I don’t know) the 16th richest man who has ever lived. You don’t get that just by inheritance, and even if much was inherited – it has to be stewarded.

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