Just been asked to name my top ten business books very quickly…

….given more time the list might be different but off the top of my head my top ten and in no particular order and a bit rushed and not spell checked:

– Good To Great by Jim Collins – a classic on how to build a great business
– Simply Better by Paddy Barwise and Sean Meehan – why USP is tosh
– The Challenger Sale by ? I forget to my shame but a cracking book on selling recommended by a client
– You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar by ? I forget – this is a brilliant book on selling.
– What Colour is my Parachute by Bolles – the best career advice book on the market
– The New Business Road Test by John Mullins – LBS professor saves you loads of time by helping you to road test your business idea
– Marketing by Kotler – a symphony in business writing
– Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman – he explains it, properly
– What they don’t teach you at law school by Mark McCormack – very practical advice on how to do business
– Luxury Strategy by ? Stunning book on how luxury strategy breaks all the strategy rules.

Interesting which authors I remember and which I don’t.

Amazon will give you proper book titles and authors’ names.

Sorry I couldn’t spend longer at this lovely task.


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