Looking forward to working with a new client needing to review his career purpose, strategy and behaviours….

…because the start of a new client programme is always very interesting. I ask them to write an essay on their lives to date and I get feedback on them from five colleagues including and if possible their life partners. Then I spend a day – an Away Day – with them helping them write a new purpose, strategy and behaviour plan (a PSB Plan) using the tools and models I have developed in my model, The Fenton Model for Leaders. Then I help them implement the plan over a fixed term. The essays are always well written and invariably very moving. I feel privileged to read them. I never know for sure precisely what will happen during the Away Day but after 12 years and hundreds of clients I can be certain that there will be at least one ah-ha moment. That is a moment of breakthrough and insight which comes from the process which is robust and uncomfortable at times. But the breakthrough is the reward and it’s the fun part. For us both.


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