The leaders of the No campaign didn’t woo…

…..Even if the No side win, things will never be the same. According to the business books, leaders should create an environment in which people thrive, they should grow their businesses and keep customers happy. In addition, we are told that at times of great change we should reward the stars, ignore or sack the troublemakers and woo the fence sitters. To the extent that all of this can be translated to politicians it’s clear to me that the leaders of the No campaign have forgotten, or don’t know how, to woo which means to entice. The leadership task was to entice those who feel Scottish that they can thrive in the UK. Given the knife edge polls, they have manifestly failed to do this. The great opportunity for UK’s leaders is no different to those of any business: to reflect on purpose, decide where we are going and then lead us there. The evidence is that little effort was put into communicating an inspiring purposeful message at the start.



2 thoughts on “The leaders of the No campaign didn’t woo…

  1. Ciaran – underlying this lack of direction is the failure to challenge the assumption that the Scots couldn’t possibly break the Union. Now we have panic and the outcome could well be that no one really wins, even if there is a ‘no’ vote. There is no substitute for planning and more planning and challenge, particularly when driving change. 2014 could go down as politically the most seismic changing year in politics for a long long time with implications for us all. Time to leave……

    • Thanks Nick – indeed. It also raises the issue of identity – particularly that of England. Perhaps it’s time for the passion we see at an England rugby match extend into a definition of what it means to be English and to embrace it as England is such a fabulous country. Perhaps then there might be an understanding as to why a Scot might, shudder the thought, want some self determination. We know this lack of understanding very well where I come from.

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