As a guest last night in The Palace of Westminster I felt mixed emotions…

…delighted to hear our host Paul Gilbert CEO LBC WiseCounsel guest of Col. Bob Stewart MP announce LawFest 2014; enjoyed an excellent guided tour given by Col. Bob including a special visit to The Chapel of St. Mary Undercroft near where Emily Davidson had hidden so that she was included as woman resident of the House on the night of the 1911 Census. I had been before many times and indeed worked with the Company which put TV into Parliament in 1990 but the sense of history never fails to blow me away every time. Yet as we all stood near the despatch box in an empty House of Commons and listened to our witty Guide, where earlier The Chancellor announced historic spending cuts, it struck me, as it strikes everyone, how small the the House is, how ordinary our leaders are up close but how extraordinary their power and impact, illustrated by Lord Lawson who passed us slowly on the corridor as we were shown into The House of Lords to listen to a debate. I couldn’t help but wonder what preparation or support they all get, if any, to lead and at times wield immense power over our lives.

Ciaran Fenton



One thought on “As a guest last night in The Palace of Westminster I felt mixed emotions…

  1. That’s so interesting Ciaran. Once again, we see all the learning up-front – most MPs with degrees from great Universities – but thereafter they are expected to grow and lead with minimal support. Its no wonder we sometimes feel we don’t get the leadership we would like from them.

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