“The old model of work is dying” says Luke Johnson…

in today’s FT and he also says that “we should abandon the concept of a job being permanent, and instead see each position almost as an assignment”. I agree with this and it’s excellent that someone of his stature is saying this out loud but he doesn’t address the fact that HR and organisation structures are not, typically, in tune with this view because it constitutes a dilution of power. It is easy to say “go plural”, but lots want to to this but don’t know how. When you have to eat what you kill, it certainly concentrates the mind. But what if you don’t know how to sell? Most of my clients who have gone portfolio had a rude awakening when they had to sell without the benefit of a grand brand behind them. They can learn certainly, but they must first confront “compound ignorance” i.e. knowing what they don’t know.

Ciaran Fenton



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