Aside: “Coaching [traditionally] offers too much support and not enough challenge” says John Blakey in the Sunday Times yesterday.

He goes on to say that coaching has “sucked in a lot of attitudes from the world of therapy” which he feels are inappropriate for senior executives.

I would go further and suggest that senior executives don’t need coaching, they need “management” as in sport and the arts. In addition, anyone who sets themselves up in a one to one advisory relationship of this sort should do at least one year’s personal therapy so that not only would they know the difference between therapy and what they do – and there’s a big difference – but also so that they can avoid bringing their own emotional baggage to the relationship. In addition, it can help fine tune their listening skills and raise their own emotional intelligence.

You can read the piece here

He is co-author of a book entitled “Challenging Coaching: Going beyond traditional coaching to face the facts”

Ciaran Fenton

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