Question asked by Buddy Willard on LinkedIn yesterday: “Finding a new role is such a challenge, how do you find someone looking for you at the same time you are looking for them?” Here’s my answer:

Buddy, try It’s a Beta network on LinkedIn based on the principle that executive job seekers have alot to learn from dating websites. These are growing in popularity and efficiency. They work because people are very explicit about needs and there is a process to attempt to match these. Given the pace of disintermediation, it is possible that within  a few years the current “vacancy first” model will play second fiddle to  a “candidate first” model.    It will start with senior executives who will declare very explicitly what they want – title, salary, location, sector, challenge, culture etc. These will be published on various searchable lists owned by different organisations – possibly former headhunters – who know that they are currently drinking in last chance saloon. So Buddy, tell the world precisely what you want, if you dare. This is a challenge for many because they want to keep their options open. But that is why everyone is stuck in the vicious circle implied in your question. They won’t commit. And we all know what happens when you don’t commit or focus in business let alone dating.

Ciaran Fenton

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