If you are leaving, spend as much time on a “good exit” as you do on the compromise agreement

The link below from  the FT last week about negotiating severance packages prompts me to suggest that, particularly at board and senior levels, you should spend as much time ensuring a “good exit” as on the compromise agreement  itself. Three things clients have found useful:

– focus on doing an extremely good and generous hand-over, even if you are feeling a bit bruised; make sure your exit does not adversely affect the business in  any way and that your successor/interim speak well of “what you’ve left behind”

– draft your own exit notice

– thank people who have helped you and, if possible,  make peace in some way with those who have not

FT: ‘How do I negotiate a good severance package?’

Ciarán Fenton

Fenton & Co LLP

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