Current issues “top of mind” at CXO Level

Here are the top seven issues I have encountered recently at CXO level (in no particular order):

– reputation: what does the market really think about my  history and potential?

– chemistry: the deadly word that makes all the difference to those on the final short-short-list

– age: the elephant in the interview room

– annual reviews: at the top these appear to be flawed, at best

– the headhunter-process: it’s almost a lottery and honest feedback is hard to secure

– relationships at work: there’s always at least one going off the rails

– alumni programmes: higher ROI on people; a route to referred future business, brand enhancement, and motivation for those left behind

I have recently refocused my work on Leadership & Career Development (L&CD) at board level:

– aligning career strategy and business strategy
– finding new roles and business opportunities for clients
– maximising performance at work through IRM – Internal Relationship Management

Ciaran Fenton

Fenton & Co LLP

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