The Antonio Horta-Osorio story highlights yet another elephant in the boardroom

Just punch Antonio Horta-Osorio’s name into Google and you will see a wide range of reactions to this story. These include warnings about heat and kitchens, the importance of delegation, the value of a COO as well as many column inches on sleep.

However, the biggest surprise is how tolerant the reaction has been to what used to be a major taboo issue: struggling to cope. Thanks to AHO, and his courageous Chairman for backing him, this elephant has been comprehensively outed in the boardroom. They have done for work-place stress what Stephen Fry did for bipolar disorder: smashed the taboo. Millions of individuals will benefit. Clever businesses should seize the opportunity to revise their policies on workplace stress. Performance and well being will soar if they do.

For this reason AHO and his Chairman get my vote for greatest contribution to business in 2011.

Ciaran Fenton
Fenton & Co LLP

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