Your career structure is the same as David Beckham’s, whether you like him or not

David Beckham is one of the icons of our age, whether you like him or not. Yet in career terms there is no difference between you and he in the sense that he sells his services in return for cash and soft benefits. It’s just that there are probably more zeros in his revenue stream than yours. What’s notable about his career is the way it’s managed by a plethora of sophisticated and highly professional managers. This keeps his career on track as it does any business. Similarly you are a professional services firm on legs and the business of your career requires management whether you do it yourself or you get someone else to do it. With the demise of the social contract between employers and employees there is a growing management vacuum particularly at the top end. I believe this will be filled not, by career consultants, coaches, mentors or outplacement providers but by career management consultants (CMCs) with front line business experience with a blend of management consulting and managing agency skills as in sport and the arts. Who knows, in twenty years time there may even be a Big 4 of career mangement consulting?

Ciaran Fenton
Fenton & Co LLP

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