One thought on “Headhunters beware. Job finding and recruitment will change beyond recognition within five years

  1. Ciaran

    As you say, it’s an example. However the majority of the article concentrates on identifying techncial types. There is one brief paragraph on identifying talent for the board room, which of course is where we the headhunters are more involved.

    Having had a look at the quoted Randy Smart methodology it strikes me that he offers little more than an effective search consultant should be doing for their clients as a matter of course. What is always missing from these ‘new and improved’ methodologies is the importance of chemistry. Affibility, charm and charisma may help a good deal, as does emotional intellegence too (try measuring that!), but if the hiring Chairman does not feel any chemistry between himself and his potential CXO, how are they going to work together effectively?

    The same applies amongst most senior people; if you can’t stand the sight, sound, smell or personality of the person sitting opposite you, how are you going to get on? So we come back to a very human, very subjective gut feel playing an important part in the recruitment process. As a search consultant it is the principle area I can not predict; I’ll do my best to provide my clients with a shortlist of potential candidates who will fit in with their company culture and – it should be a given – can do the role, but the chemistry is impossible.

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